Car Wash Options

Heartland Market offers an automatic car wash on-site for the convenience of all guests. With a range of different washing options, you can get a full Turtle Wax Fire & Ice Wash or a quick Express Wash. Next time you’re at Heartland Market, take an extra minute or two to run through our car wash, fill up your tank, and put some air in those tires!

Fire & Ice Wash

Fire & Ice Wash

New Shine

Detailer Wash

Express Wash

Monthly Car Wash Packages

Heartland Market offers four different UNLIMITED wash packages. You pick the level that works best for you – packages start at just $17 a month!

Simply sign up inside the store, we place a sticker on your vehicle, then you’re ready to go! It’s a great value plus it allows you to wash any time you want without ever having to leave your vehicle.